Free Link Building Tools for Your Business

Google is always working to improve the quality of the results it provides by upgrading the ranking algorithm it uses. Link building, however, is one indication that has and will continue to have a significant influence on results.

Even though it’s been years since links became an essential component of SEO, link building is by far the most effective technique for boosting websites. Keeping up with the most recent developments in link building is a difficult task that must be undertaken. Especially considering the fact that the implementation of this strategy becomes more difficult and unclear as new technologies are developed.

This is the reason why so many people still need the support of some great free link-building tools that can help retain the link-building operations on course and enable website owners to uncover new prospects for connecting. These tools can be easily found on the internet. In this article, we will discuss the basics of link building and the free tools you can use as a business owner to optimize your website.

What Does it Mean by Link Building?

The practice of getting other web pages to refer to the contents on your webpage is referred to as “link building.” Tools for link building may introduce businesses to wider audiences, boost your online visibility, and are among the most significant indicators that browsers use when determining where to position your content in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Best Free Tools to Help you Build Links for the Website

Here are some of the best tools in the market that will boost your website using link building.

1. Google

Although Google isn’t often thought of as a link-building resource, it’s really one of the most effective methods to locate potential link partners. This is due to the fact that its search algorithm is perhaps the greatest one available and that it indexes the most web pages of any website on the globe. You may quickly uncover hundreds of suitable link possibilities for nothing if you understand how to utilize it correctly, and it will not cost you anything.

One useful tool offered by Google is referred to as search operators. These are instructions that assist in refining and limiting the results returned by a search engine. There are a few that are exclusive to Google.  However, even the ones that aren’t completely unique to Google appear exceptionally effective online due to the fact that you can mix them to retrieve precisely everything you need out of its ridiculously large index.

Additionally, using Google is completely free for its users, therefore you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity.

2. Ahrefs

Following Google’s, Ahrefs’ online crawlers are the second most active one, and their backlink database has more than 3 trillion operational backlinks. Because of this, it is widely considered to be the greatest tool available anywhere on the internet for researching backlinks, which is an essential daily chore for all link builders in the world.

The Content Explorer function of Ahrefs is a repository that can be searched, and it has more than 9 billion pages. It is an excellent tool for researching material, and it is also an excellent source of potential link partners.

Whenever you utilize Ahref to research for the backlinks that point to the websites that you own utilizing Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, you may do so at no cost. In order to do search on other websites’ links and utilize Content Explorer, you will need to subscribe to a paid service that starts at $82 dollars a month.

3. Link Explorer

Users are able to investigate and evaluate websites using Moz’s “search engine for links,” and they won’t have to spend any money to accomplish any of these activities. When it comes to key decisions about your link development, you can benefit from using your own personal assistant and utilize it to your favor.

In addition to utilizing this browser, you can also avail of their ‘MozBar’, which can be downloaded for free and used without any cost. By utilizing these tools, you will be able to determine whether or not a particular link presents a feasible chance for linkage.

Then again, backlinking is a delicate issue, and you do not want to risk having your website blacklisted by Google for having connections with websites that are not credible.

4. Majestic SEO

The Fresh Index and the Historic Index are both available to use with Majestic SEO. The Fresh Index is comprised of a collection of sites and connections that were discovered by it during the last one hundred twenty days. In addition to this, any hyperlinks that you may have missed over that time period are also included. This is helpful in gaining an insight of how link-building initiatives influence the rankings of your website immediately.

The Historic Index is a large library that covers the past 5 years and includes billions of URLs that are distinct to each website. Using this, you will be able to monitor the SEO strategy of your website over time.

When you sign up for a free service, you will only have accessibility to a subset of the features that are available. However, you are still able to monitor vital information such as external backlinks, originating websites, and much more.

5. SEOBook Toolbar

The SEOBook Toolbar may be used in a manner quite comparable to that of MozBar. Whenever it comes to researching for your website, we are talking about a free tool which you can employ to find potential link partners and evaluate which ones have the most promise for you.

You might look at the number of websites that connect to the domains, the number of directories that connect to the website, the projected traffic volume, the search engine rankings, and the maturity of the webpage you will be seeing at the moment.


Google’s ranking algorithm places a significant emphasis on backlinks, making it arguably the most crucial indicator. Building links to your website has to be a primary concern for you if you really wish to rank higher than your rivals and attract more visitors to your website.

Even though you can physically generate links, at some point you will want to think about making an investment in professional link building tools so that you can simplify the process and monitor how much work you have put in.