Guest Post Outreach – An Ultimate Guide 

In addition to improving your content for search engines and expanding your following on social media, guest posting and blogger marketing are two paths that you might want to investigate if you would like to raise your company’s profile and bring in more customers. When you engage with bloggers who write about topics related to your sector, you open up unprecedented avenues for engaging with people who could become your clients.

When you’re attempting to achieve anything on a large scale, it may be time-consuming, arduous, and even a logistical headache attempting to reach out to writers and propose guest pieces. Some community engagement experts produce content first and then extend it to blogs and attempt to entice them to post that blog.

Finding and making connections with a large number of bloggers that are part of your intended audience and specialty is a challenge that exists regardless of the strategy you choose to use.

The following is a list of assets that can assist you with blog posts and guest post outreach. These resources include networks that have been developed solely for the purpose of assisting you in connecting with bloggers, tutorials for blog posts and blog posts outreach, and much more.

Most Common Outreach Platforms

1. BloggerLinkUp

If you sign up for the BloggerLinkUp list, you will receive an email on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These messages will include a list of bloggers searching for credible sources, queries for guest articles, writers and web admins providing guest pieces, and public relations representatives and others asking for evaluations of items. If you come across a proposal that you are capable of meeting, just reply to the person who made the offer.

2. My Blog Guest

Free to join and use, MyBlogGuest is an online platform that brings together blog owners and guest writers. Register at no cost and immediately begin increasing your visibility via guest writing.

3. BlogSynergy

In its most basic form, BlogSynergy is a social media platform catered specifically to the blogging industry. Bloggers may follow each other on BlogSynergy, communicate with anyone, and discuss possibilities for blog posts together to expand over time.

4. Blog Dash

With BlogDash, you can find bloggers, communicate with them, and make your pitch to them—all in one location. You may narrow down the 109,847 blogs to see by using various criteria such as keywords, genres, Klout score, sexuality, geography, and much more.

5. GuestBlogIt

GuestBlogIt aspires to be the most comprehensive resource for blog posts possible. Freely upload your own material or search for other people’s stuff to use on your website. You can also acquire backlinks of high quality and relevance.

6. Post-Joint

PostJoint is a cutting-edge new concept that brings together bloggers and marketers in order to make digital marketing more efficient and specific than it has ever been before. Bloggers are willing to publish marketers’ guest pieces since digital marketers deliver high-quality material. PostJoint is responsible for quality assessment as well as matching audiences with one another.

7. Guestr

Website managers may look for guest posts, while bloggers can look for chances to participate in blog posts and market their own sites. You are also able to explore a multitude of websites.

8. Copy for Bylines

Copy for Bylines is an organization with the goals of bridging the gap among website owners and authors and working in tandem with other creative persons to improve the quality of material published online.
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They feel that due to the abundance of irrelevant info that is accessible through the Internet, the material of websites has to be modernized. They argue that it must be made more quickly, that it must be individualized, and therefore should be valuable to the internet community.

How to do Effective Blog Post Outreach?

  • Have a Clear Objective

You will need to determine what it is that you wish to achieve via your community outreach initiatives. These objectives will provide you with clear parameters by which to evaluate your level of achievement. In the absence of such data, it is impossible for you to determine if the campaign was successful or not.

If you compare your effectiveness to the targets you set as your benchmark, you may better understand your genuine performance, even if the outcomes you acquire are excellent. Establishing concrete objectives is the first step you should take before composing any outreach email or beginning to compile a list of various blogs.

  • Determine the List of Bloggers

It is essential to create a list of significant individuals after you have a clear idea of what you need. According to what you want to achieve, you’ll need to select the individuals you want to include on your outreach roster.

If you want to increase the number of times your amazing post is shared, you should target influential people with a significant number of social media followers. You will need websites that have some authority if your objective is to create links or obtain a guest post on one of those websites.

If gathering members for an expert roundtable is your objective, you should focus on recruiting individuals who may legitimately be considered experts on the subject of the roundtable. On the other hand, if you just want to create connections, the best individuals to do so with are those who are either just starting out or who are widely recognized as professionals and have large audiences.

  • Make a Killer Proposal

The email you write will significantly impact the campaign’s effectiveness. You won’t achieve successful outcomes if your message isn’t consistent, regardless of how skilled your roster is. Your outreach message should be straightforward, basic, and precise.

To do so, you must first identify the fundamental message. Such as the gist of what you’re attempting to convey. Keep it simple by removing any unimportant components that may confuse the prospect with your key message.

Final Thoughts!

Blogger outreach is among the most effective development strategies you can use. Yet, getting it properly might be challenging. You may make a lot of blunders that can damage the entire outreach effort. However, if done correctly, you will see effects rather rapidly.