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      Finding betting and casino guest post sites is one of the most difficult things in blogger outreach. Even though you could find some quite number of sites that accept casino guest posting, most galbing blogger outreach sites are spammy and not quality.

      Backlink is still necessary and a major ranking factor for websites by major Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex etc. In this brief forum post, I will share with you some free and paid gabmling and casino websites to post your content in exchange of backlinks to your website or blog.


      The News God is my best site for guest over-all. Why? This site is unique. In most cases you will visit a blog site and all the content there are guest posts but that’s different here. The site has different categories ranging from News, Sports, Finance etc.

      They publish varied content which are not guest post and they do it regularly. It therefore makes it difficult for regular visitor to differentiate the difference between actual content and a promoted one.

      This blog also has high visitors. According to searches, they make 200k organic traffic monthly. So yes if you ask me, it’s the best place I will love to promote my content for backlinks.
      Categories found on thenewsgod.com includes: Business, Finance, Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment, Travel, General, Home and Garden etc.

      Google loves sites that have more than 1 writer and yes you will get them here. The site has more than 5 employed content writers. Contact them if you wish: [email protected]


      Now, let’s take a look at ScopNew.com. A super fast, high ranking and multi-niche website which is able to rank any article published on it reflects on Google’s first to Second page within a few minutes. How this happens, I don’t know. But perhaps this can be attributed to the highly authoritative nature of the website and also the uniqueness of the articles they serve on the website.

      The good thing is that, Scopenew is a multi-niche website and covers several categories like; Technology, Business & Finance, Legal, Health & LifeStyle, Sports and many more which you need to have a look for yourself.

      As a blogger of many years and one who is very interested in ranking my articles and website on Google and other search engine’s first page, I’m truly convinced that Scopenew.com is a masterpiece which is why it’s perfect for blog outreachers.

      Scopenew Team is very open for discussions and they are not far from email conversations. Just email them on [email protected] and have a very fruitful conversion with them.


      Check the domain age: This is very important. Do not buy guest posts from sites that are less than a year old. Mostly these sites have link farms and have nothing to offer. Old sites have higher authorities , Trust Flow and many unique backlinks.

      Check Domain authority: Getting backlinks from sites with good domain authority is helpful. Domain authority are based on the performance of the site’s content, traffic and more.

      Check the site’s traffic: Do not buy guest posts from sites that has no traffic history. Not just any traffic, I would prefer organic traffic over social traffic. Organic traffic are more powerful and difficult to manipulate.

      Other sites I know that accept casino posts include:

      Advantages of Posting on Other People’s Blogs

      Investing time and effort into guest blogging for other people’s websites is one of the most effective forms of internet marketing. Start providing material to other blogs that are connected to your industry or niche if you want to get the word of your business out to more people and gain the trust of the audience you’re trying to reach.

      Are you still on the fence about whether or not you should put in the effort to write material for someone person’s website? You should be aware that guest writing comes with a number of important advantages, not just for your business but also for you personally.
      The following is a list of the primary advantages of guest blogging:

      1. Immediate Exposure to Highly-Specified Traffic

      Contributing to other blogs, regardless of whether or not you get a link to your own website in return, ought to excite the attention of your readership. If you’re able to produce a piece of exceptional quality, you may anticipate a surge in visitors to your website as soon as it goes up.

      2. Increase the size of your personal network.
      There was a time when establishing contact with influential people was an incredibly challenging task. However, the procedure is now much easier thanks to guest posting.

      3. Stimulate Social Media Shares

      Your internet reach may be massively expanded by one method, which is to generate shares on social media. In the perspective of your audience, the shareability of your branded content will increase according to the number of times it is shared.

      4. Expand the number of people who follow you on social media.

      In addition to increasing the number of times your material is shared on social media, guest blogging may also improve the number of people who follow you on social media and speed up the process of lead creation.

      By making contributions to a blog written by credible individuals, you are effectively convincing them to endorse your business. This makes you seem more admirable in the perspective of the people who follow them.

      5. Strengthen Your Position as an Authority Online

      Authority is the most important aspect of contemporary web marketing. If people do not trust your brand, you won’t be able to turn them into devoted subscribers or paying customers no matter how good your material is. This is true even if you have the finest content in the world.

      You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your reputation as an information source if you contribute to other blogs that are considered to be authoritative.

      6. Strengthen the profile of your backlinks

      The vast majority of sites that publish guest pieces let the authors of such items to leave at least one link to their own website. After all, the majority of them do not provide any financial recompense for the effort that you put in. The very least they could do to recognize your efforts would be to provide you with a keyword-optimized link or make a passing reference to your brand.

      The web would not be what it is without links. You should absolutely link to a URL that is both relevant and helpful inside your content.

      7. Raise the Profile of the Brand
      Establishing yourself as an expert in your field may be accomplished via the use of guest blogging.

      Make an effort to give helpful hints that aren’t readily available elsewhere to the greatest extent that you can.

      Take advantage of the chance to explain what it is that your organization does and how it may help people solve their difficulties.

      Additionally, make it a point to include the voice of your company into each and every piece that you publish. Your own brand will become more identifiable as a result, independent of the website to which you contribute guest pieces.

      8. Produce Sales-Ready Prospects (Leads)
      Choosing the most appropriate websites to post on is one of the most important aspects of a successful plan for guest blogging.
      You need to hunt for sites that already have a constant stream of traffic in addition to finding ones that are relevant to the area you’re working in. You will be able to connect with individuals who already have an interest in what it is that your company has to offer as a result of doing this.

      9. Reduce the Length of the Sales Cycle

      The sales funnel has always been one of the most difficult obstacles for content marketers to overcome. When you distribute material via well-read blogs, you instantly increase the likelihood that the people in your target audience will be acquainted with your brand. As a result, you are reducing the length of time it takes to make a sale of your goods and services.

      Consider it in this light: rather than waiting for prospective customers to visit your website, you may provide the value propositions of your brand in the form of guest articles on other websites.

      When it comes to selecting or proposing subject ideas for your guest articles, all you need is some common sense.

      10. Solicit Valuable Input from Members of the Community

      Being engaged in the community has several benefits, one of which is the opportunity to obtain insightful comments from other contributors, which is available to you if you participate as a guest blogger.

      11. Sharpen Your Content Marketing Skills

      For guest blogging to be effective, all other aspects of content marketing must also be used. It needs you to complete tasks such as conducting content research, adopting the appropriate writing voice for a certain audience, performing influencer outreach, and so on.

      Have other sites that accept casino? reply them in this thread.

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